Please note that all offers on these Items MUST be in by August 12th 2018

The Collection

What's so special?

Collecting this quality of bikes has taken nearly 40 Years of hard work, these are all PRIME specimens that I paid top money for when purchased. It's very, VERY rare see bikes of this quality on Ebay. Most of the bikes you see for sale nowadays are fully restored, often badly, and inaccurately. Wire wheels and silver foil is NOT  "restoring"  - These are mostly original bikes with original paint, if there are any exceptions it will be stated in the description. The best of the best does not come cheaply. 

There is "No Reserve" as such, however, I did pay  top money for all these bikes at the time of purchase, since that time, they have hopefully increased in value. If I don't get an acceptable bid on a bike then I simply won't be selling it. Please feel free to ask for more photos as I didn't realise when I built this site that you couldn't zoom in on the Images.

Sorry to move the goalposts, but I am rapidly running out of time and havn't even got half the bikes up and running yet, with that in mind I have changed the end date. Please note that bids must be in by Midnight August 12th -  I won't be breaking up the collection before the "Grande Finale" on the weekend of 18th August.

NOTE : I WILL be shipping a container to Liverpool, England at the end of August, it will arrive Early in October, the cost for shipping a bike will be around £550  plus %5 Import Duty.

Why am I selling ?

Basically, life moves on and the location (Northern Michigan) Means that few people actually venture up to see the bikes. After 40 Years of effort I achieved my goal of having every Kawasaki Triple Model in Every color (as sold in the U.S.) - I even ended up buying the local Rail depot (AND restoring it) JUST to keep the collection in. And now I will sell them off and start a new House build project.

This site is work in progress

Photos of the bikes will be updated over the coming Weeks and Months - if you are interested in any particular photos of any bike please ask for more details. Every bike will be taken out of the storage and recommissioned, all bikes will be in running order when sold - or otherwise stated

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