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1975 S3A Candy Green

Bike details

This is a 1975 S3A in Candy Green, with 2921 miles on the clock. 

It has "matching" frame and engine numbers.

The frame number is S3F-23467 

The engine number is S3E23628


This bike is 100% standard. I would rate the bike's condition as 8 out of 10.

Brief history

Bought around 2006, this bike is in great but NOT fantastic condition, the seat is perfect, the pipes are good, the paint is One of those borderline cases where it has faded but is original. The engine case clear coat is crazed and needs buffing out.

 It's a low miles bike that I have never run, but will be up and running  and tested before sale.

What would it cost to buy?

1975 S3As are arguably the best looking 400, they are just about the best "all round"  The one has some flaws, the paint is very faded and there are some patches go rust on major items, like the kicker.

Very low original miles and it will be running before sale.

The current highest offer is :


Collecting the bike

Please note that as it is part of the RBs collection, the bike can be picked up from north Michigan following the Birthday Bash event in mid-August. This is a marvellous opportunity to experience the great biking roads in northern Michigan.