Please note that all offers on these Items MUST be in by August 12th 2018

1969 H1 Midnight White - LOW VIN

Bike details

This is a 1969 H1 in Midnight White, it is utterly original and probably just about the nicest One on the planet - 5,500 miles on the clock. The frame number is KAF00427 and the engine number is KAE00411


This bike is 100% standard.  I would rate the bike's condition as 10 out of 10 (and I am VERY fussy!)

Brief history

Bought in 2009, this bike was shipped to England, it was completely stripped and cleaned and re-assembled, it has not been repainted.

What would it cost to buy?

1969 H1s in good condition are currently selling for between $4,000 and $25,000.

An "Original" '69 with a not so low VIN recently sold at Mecum for $22k This one IS nicer and more original - the bike at Mecum had been re-zinced and had aftermarket pipes on. 

The current highest offer is  from :

Don : $14,000 - Not Sold

Collecting the bike

Please note that as it is part of the RBs collection, the bike can be picked up from north Michigan following the Birthday Bash event in mid-August. This is a marvellous opportunity to experience the great biking roads in northern Michigan.